Our Services

Free digital check up

Everything starts from your website: a test will be made to understand the strengths and improvement points. The digital presence will also be analyzed from the point of view of the use of social media to promote your business and the optimization of your presence on Google.

A guide to change: personalized consulting

Our consultants will study with you and our technology partners the best path to implement a digital change in your company. They will help you to choose the most suitable technologies,to take advantage of existing calls and funding,to get in touch with trusted local suppliers associated. Contact your SPIN

Support for funding your innovation

Digital today is the driver needed to be competitive in the marketplace, and there are many calls that allocate funds to help businesses of all sizes, especially SMEs. SPIN offers support in identifying funding opportunities and participating in local or national calls to support your project.

Meeting Supply/Demand for ICT Services and Technologies

SPIN becomes the meeting point between the needs of Confcommercio member companies and ICT companies that offer technology and digital services, creating a virtuous circle of trust of which SPIN is the guarantor. If you are an ICT company access the marketplace

Join a network to participate in funded projects

Today, digitalization is one of the areas that are most supported by European Union plans and, in cascade, by national, regional and local calls for proposals.
This is the purpose of our Digital Innovation Hub: to create projects to intercept funds, involving companies and stakeholders. Discover it

Turnkey digital projects

Through your SPIN you can be inspired by a catalog of ideas for the realization of research projects, experimental development, innovation, training and technological transfer in retail, tourism, catering, transport and logistics, business and personal services, digital and advanced tertiary services.