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Today, Digital is the essential mindset to make your company competitive. It is not only technology, but above all processes: to make the internal organization efficient, to make intelligence on information and optimize the relationship with customers, to communicate and find new markets, to exploit the potential of the web and social networks.

The current context, uncertain and unpredictable as ever, then becomes the cue to activate the Digital Transformation by taking advantage of programs and services that Confcommercio makes available to members through its Innovation Desks. But everything is possible if the company and the entrepreneur have a basic training in Digital in its various forms: this is the soul of EDI Training, to activate new skills to enable the digital evolution of the economic system.

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Il digitale è anche formazione. la nostra formazione è soprattutto pratica, e vuole metterti nelle condizioni di poter da subito tornare in azienda e attivare alcuni cambiamenti. Per questa ragione, in ogni evento vi saranno dei partner che ci guideranno nel processo e ci evidenzieranno alcune soluzioni utili.

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Digital is also training. Our training is above all practical, and wants to put you in a position to immediately return to your company and activate some changes. For this reason, in each event there will be partners who will guide us through the process and highlight some useful solutions.

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